Theatre is pretty awesome (we have some at CSU Stanislaus)

You see that up there? That titley thing? That is what I’m going to be talking about today.

Theatre. Live theatre. Musicals, plays, whatever. It is pretty awesome. And we have a theatre (or theater?) department at our very own school which does things like put on plays. That you can go see.

I went and saw some theatre over Spring Break and it was awesome! Not at school. But it did get me back into a theatre-y mood even though it was…probably not a show which will get put on at CSU Stanislaus ever. For several reasons. But it was good! And creepy.

But guess what’s coming up on our very own campus?

No. Seriously. Guess. You should know this if you’ve been on campus recently. They’ve put up signs by the science building, even. What, you haven’t been on campus recently? Well, I’ll give you a hint. Actually, that’s too much work; just read on.

Macbeth. I like Macbeth! I got very excited when I first heard about it and then auditioned. Really badly. Which, you know, whatever, is a thing that happens. Especially if you’re me.*

But dang if it’s not annoying to try and do college theatre if you’re a Bio major. Labs and night classes are not conducive to leaving time open for rehearsals.

Plus, I dunno if theatre students get more than a week’s notice for auditions (from posters only on the theatre building), but if they do it comes through secret theatre major channels the rest of us peons aren’t privy to. Like maybe tiny starlings** taught to speak messages and let loose to fly into students windows. That would be pretty cool. And useful! The birds could also be taught to nag students about finishing papers or studying for tests and things. Maybe peck them a bit for extra Angst in that paper about postmodern theatre.

Or maybe a mailing list.

Could be a mailing list.

But back on topic, the school is doing Macbeth and that is very cool! People who like the comedies better might disagree, but they don’t count. They’re just…wrong people. Who are wrong. And probably thought the Star Wars prequels were better, too. Also, protip: anyone who’s favorite Shakespeare category is “histories” is probably only saying that because of, like, Richard III. Or whichever of the Henry plays was good (there’s like, eight million). If someone claims “problem plays” or “pastorals” or “romances” as a favorite category you’re legally allowed to knock their English degree away, get up in their face, and just glare for a minute, plus or minus 12 seconds.

Or you could just ignore all the crazy scholarship stuff and only care about going out to see a good play. Whoo!

(I’ll admit I’m a tiiiiny bit worried about the guy playing Macbeth***, but heck with that! Lady Macbeth is better anyway.)

Shakespeare is happening, people. On our very own campus. It’s free, it’s out in the amphitheater under the stars, and it’s friggin’ Macbeth.

I mean, come on!


*My theatrical career peaked when I was 12. I was the understudy for a character who only spoke in the last scene.

**They were introduced by some guy who wanted to bring all the birds mentioned in Shakespeare to the New World. This was a Not Good idea.

***It’s that guy from Chicago who directed the last two Shakespeare productions. Not a student. For some reason.

2 thoughts on “Theatre is pretty awesome (we have some at CSU Stanislaus)

  1. I love the theatre at the CSU! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad play the school has put on. The Shakespeare shows outside are always great, so I’m really excited for Macbeth.

    • Currently waiting to hear from someone who’s seen it. At any rate, back in San Diego the Old Globe is doing R+G are Dead and Midsummer in their summer season, which should be fun!

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